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About Us

Established in 2016 in Singapore, JoyJuwels is a different kind of jeweller, passionately pursuing a mission to provide our valued customers with impeccably crafted, superior quality engagement rings, wedding bands and diamonds. To the highest of standards, at the most competitive of prices.

Our founder was inspired to act after looking for his own ring and discovering that most off-the-shelf options were expensive and greatly limited his choice of design. He wanted to offer a service that brought the luxury of quality and affordability to the process of designing and creating unique wedding and engagement rings that enchant, delight and excite. And JoyJuwels was born.

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Formed by lovers of gems and precious possessions, and founded on principles of ethics, fairness and equality for all, JoyJuwels is committed to sustainable sourcing and supply of the items that form the symbols of your love and your life’s journey. We promise to make your dreams come true by helping you to discover the designs that come from within your own personality, whilst maintaining your commitment to humanity.

Each of your love stories are unique and powerful. At JoyJuwels, our greatest wish is to conceive and create jewellery that constitutes the physical embodiment of your love and devotion. We offer some of the most affordable jewellery brands Singapore has available and we also delight in producing some of the most exquisite unique designs. Our service is unmatched in its attention to detail and we can guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Browse joyjuwels.com to find the finest Singapore jewellery online, or for a personal touch, why not visit the best Jewellery showroom Singapore wide and make an appointment with a JoyJuwels consultant, before you even consider buying from somewhere else. Whether you’re seeking that special proposal ring, or looking for beautiful and unique wedding bands, we’ll help you customise timeless jewellery that is so personal, it brings you the greatest of Joy. We guarantee to bedazzle and enthrall, and we’ve assembled the most striking and beautiful gold jewellery Singapore boasts, so visit us before you visit anywhere else.

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Free Personal Consultation

Our jewellery showroom in Singapore is designed to be a space that customers can visit for a free consultation with our experts, design their rings, learn about what’s possible and view our extensive range of precious stones, bands and settings. Customers can choose to look at and try sample rings from our showcase and check out our timeless and dazzling collection of diamonds.