How to Buy Diamonds For Your Perfect Engagement Ring

One of the most exciting moments in a person’s life is getting engaged. It is the first step in preparing a lifetime union that is sure to be happy, memorable and challenging moments. Many couples buy diamonds to celebrate their promise because of the good symbolism of the gem. Diamonds are timeless, beautiful, eternal, and unmatched in strength, which is also the characteristics of an ideal marriage.

Here are the 4 C’s that you should consider when choosing the diamond to be in your engagement ring:





Clarity of a Diamond

If the diamond is more flawless and brilliant, therefore, it is more expensive. The following are the letter grades used to measure the clarity of a diamond.

IF, for “internally flawless”

VVSI, for “very very small inclusions”

VSI “for “very small inclusions”

Carat Weight

The size of the stone you pick doesn’t matter to its beauty and value as much as you would think. But, the diamonds of larger carat weights are the most coveted of all and can be a source of much pride and satisfaction. When considering feature stones of larger carat weight,  there important things you have to remember. It will do you well to know that a diamond’s price per carat increases with its size.

Cut of a Diamond

Diamonds have an octahedral crystalline form, and therefore, the perfect cut of a diamond is round, dazzling cut with 57 facets. This type of cut will make the diamond sparkle the most amount of light. The most expensive and highest quality of diamonds is cut in this way.

Around, a dazzling cut diamond has these main parts:

  • The table facet, the topmost surface of the diamond
  • Crown, the slanted parts that attach the table to the girdle
  • Girdle, the widest part of the diamond
  • The pavilion, or the group of facets that descend from the girdle and meet at a single point at the bottom
  • Culet, the point at the bottom of the diamond

A diamond’s cut is rated according to how the pavilion facets are angled, and how proportioned the facets are.

The width of the girdle is another factor that can affect the grade of a diamond’s cut. Of the girdle is cut sharp or too thin, the diamond will be at the danger of breakage and will have a lower rate. Diamonds are widely hyped to be the hardest element in nature, so you may be questioning why they may break at some point. Well, this holds true that they are completely scratch resistant, but a diamond may break if blow lands on a delicate part of the diamond, like the girdle.

Of course, there are other types of diamond cuts aside from the round cuts. The princess cut which is square and cushion cut diamond which as square also. However, they are  slightly rounded are also very popular options for engagement rings.

Color of a Diamond

The most expensive diamonds are colorless. They are rated from D to Z. the D, E and F diamonds are colorless while those on the end of the scale are saturated with bright colors such as pink and yellow.

A diamond’s value is not automatically directly proportionate to its color grading and many of the heavily saturated diamonds close to Z-grade are also contemplated as valuable because of their extravagant color.

It might be tempting to buy diamonds online of an exceptionally high color grade for your engagement rings such as the colorless D, E, F diamonds, or the grades G, H, I, J diamonds that are white. But if you are on a budget, you can choose the K, L, M diamonds.

Here at JoyJuwels, we know the importance of having your dreams for your engagement and marriage symbolized in the diamond ring you pick. We are a trusted online diamonds shop that will help you get your money’s worth by buying a feature stone and choosing a setting style that fits your needs and preferences perfectly.

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